Revised opening date of Heathside Walton School announced

The Department for Education has revised the realistic opening date for the new Heathside Walton-on-Thames School (“Heathside Walton”) to September 2021, subject to planning permission being obtained.

While ElmWey Learning Trust, who will operate the new school, had initially hoped that Heathside Walton would open in 2020, opening in September 2021 corresponds with the latest pupil number data from Surrey County Council, on when a new secondary school is required in Elmbridge. Additionally, there has been a delay in accessing the site which has resulted in the planning application being submitted later than initially anticipated.

ElmWey Learning Trust and the team behind Heathside Walton will continue to work closely with the local community, Elmbridge Borough Council, Surrey County Council and other stakeholders to bring about the opening of the school in time for the first Year 7 pupils to start in 2021.