Helping to meet Local Educational Need in Elmbridge

Helping to meet Local Educational Need in Elmbridge

There is a growing need for secondary school places in Elmbridge. A new school will give parents a greater choice of secondary education and the high standards we seek to achieve will strengthen the quality of provision within the borough.

Surrey County Council predicts that by September 2021 there will be a local shortage of at least 120 secondary school places. This is based on the number of pupils currently in Primary provision. The new School will help to meet this identified future need for secondary places.

A detailed analysis has been undertaken by the SCC School Commissioning Officer to establish where the primary school population lives and therefore where the most pressure for demand for secondary places can be expected. The analysis clearly demonstrates that the demand is spread around the north of the borough, both to the east and west of Walton. Taking into account the location of the existing five secondary schools (Heathside, Esher High, Hinchley Wood, Three Rivers and Cobham Free School) a new school is best located in the north of the borough.

Projected figures up to 2028 do not anticipate an increased need to expand the proposed school, however the campus will be designed to allow logical expansion if needed in the future.

This number corresponds to the level of identified future need.  The school will be six forms of entry in each year group and, when full, this will equate to 900 students. The school will operate in 2 half year groups of approximately 90 students on each side of the year (180 per year group divided by 2).

No. Post 16 students who wish to follow academic A levels will be affiliated with Heathside Weybridge’s sixth form, others, who wish to pursue a more vocational route, will be guided with regard to applying to the rich provision of post 16 courses in the locality.

Yes.  Housing growth is factored into the pupil modelling produced by SCC in its school place planning. Other housing schemes may still be required to contribute towards education as part of any agreed planning obligations.

All the Elmbridge secondary schools are academies and as such are responsible for their own admission criteria, including catchment areas.

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