ElmWey Trust & the Vision for Heathside Walton-on-Thames

ElmWey Learning Trust & the Vision for Heathside Walton-on-Thames

ElmWey Learning Trust was formed as a Multi Academy Trust in September 2015. Currently it operates the successful Heathside School, in Weybridge. ElmWey has submitted a successful bid to the Department for Education to open a new school in Walton, called Heathside Walton-on-Thames.

Our vision is simple, straightforward and based on an ethos of core values and standards. It is to create a school where academic progress and attainment are outstanding for all students, enabling them to access employment, further and higher education without restriction. Our vision is that all members of the school community will respect these aspirations and feel safe, secure and supported in working towards them. We want our students to feel proud to attend our school and proud of their achievements when they progress through their next career and life steps.

The bid was made by ElmWey Learning Trust. ElmWey currently operate Heathside School in Weybridge. Heathside Weybridge is a very successful, mixed, 11-18 secondary school. ElmWey is seeking to replicate the educational ethos, standards and achievement of Heathside Weybridge at Heathside Walton-On-Thames. Surrey County Council as Local Authority is supporting ElmWey in this bid. ElmWey will use the strengths and experience of Heathside School to help establish our new school.

The school will have a distinct identity local to the community it serves. As a six-form entry school it will be able to offer a broad  and exciting curriculum yet know and respond to each pupil as an individual

This bid is being made by ElmWey Learning Trust which operate Heathside School Weybridge, a very successful and popular over-subscribed state secondary school. ElmWey seek to replicate the educational standards and ethos of Heathside Weybridge at the new Free School and there will be close and supportive links between the schools as our new school grows. Naming the new school Heathside Walton-on-Thames encapsulates both our aims and ongoing support for the new school.

Establishing exemplary standards of behaviour and positive ‘behaviour for learning’ are seen as key contributors to the future success of the new school. We recognise that growing and developing a new school from a single year intake presents an outstanding opportunity to establish and embed high standards of behaviour. The system currently in place at Heathside is based on an ethos of Values and Respect, encompassing recognition and praise for positive behaviour and a clear set of well signposted sanctions for unacceptable behaviour. Underpinning the ethos will be the Elmbridge shared values which are embedded, across phases, by most of the Borough’s schools.

ElmWey recognises that each school within the trust has a unique context. The curriculum at Heathside Walton-on-Thames will be tailored to meet the needs of all the students. While the core subjects will demand academic rigour of students, the curriculum will remain broad and balanced allowing for students to take creative and vocational pathways alongside this.

Any students who aspire to study A levels will receive independent advice and guidance leading up to post-16. This will include the opportunity to join the sixth form at Heathside Weybridge to ensure continuity of education. However students are free to move on to whatever further education option they choose within the local area.

ElmWey will apply a rigorous and transparent recruitment process to this key appointment in the new school regardless of whether the candidate comes from within or outside the Trust.

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